Friday, August 28, 2009

Another real ad!

’88 Yugo GVX "Ran when parked Rare. Special. Complete- just needs assembled - and great gas mileage! $2,000, OBO. Serious offers only.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

1996 Kawasaki 250 Dirt bike. Low miles. No title.

Who needs a lame flame paint job when you can have THE REAL THING! Minor petcock leak (about a gallon every 2-3 min.) Exhaust gets really hot for some reason and bike will SOMETIMES burst into flames. Scary the first time but you get used to it! Nice in the winter!

Should wear leathers/helmet! Also warm tires grip the road better! Think safety!


Carbs need to be cleaned. Idles rough.


So rare there are like six in my shop...

1977 Puch Moped! Rare! - $1000 (Santa Fe)

Super Rare 1977 Puch Moped! The Original! This is the moped Maxi s model and includes an extra front fender, puch tool pouch, puch shop manual, and a bi-turbo exhaust! This baby MOOOVES! In full disclosure, it "Ran when i parked it". Can't get it to start now, but before you balk at the price, go onto ebay and just see what they are going for!

First cash takes it!


1978 honda atc90, 4-stroke, been sitting in shed for a few years, haven't started it in years, ran when parked, tires are good, $300 also have many parts for honda atc90, atc110, atc185s and others email with questions

If you know a pimp this might be perfect for him.

1978 Lincoln Mark V Diamond Jubilee
I have three of these Gold 1978 Diamond Jubilee Mark V cars. ALL NEED RESTORED! These are a project. Two have the smaller motors, 402? and the other has the 440. Been parked for some years and ran when parked. Two have moon roofs. Diefiently a project for restorer. Should be able to make two complete cars out of the three. Contact for more details or pics. Nothern Ca up close to redding area. Must haul. Need moved ASAP. Neg on price for quick sell, otherwise I will need to part them out where they are sitting. Thanks

$ 3,500

scooter vespa !!!!!!!!!!!!

here is a nice scooter i think itsa vespa not sur cool backward facing headlight sodrivers can seeyou when you are driving at nite and so that everyone knows how cool you are riding your vespa around town may need a new battery and all of the wiring has to be replaces and the tires are a little rough easyy to restore a classic vintage vespa scotter is worth like 10k $ so this is a really good deal asking 1599$$$ or best offer

Here's a nice one from

“NO DRIVE LINES, NO STEERING LINKAGE, JERRY RIGGED LIFT, you will need to tow it! Don’t call & ask stupind questions!”


yamaha 80 dirtbike. it ran a couple years ago and i pulled it out of the garage a few weekends ago and the motor seem to be stuck. it was running when parked. i dont know anything about bikes so im just gonna sell it. it may could be fixed or it could be a great parts bike i dont know the exact year i'd say maybe late 90's or early 2000 the kick start lever is missing


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CBR 900 Racing wheel! Power Coated!

Lime grean (sexy for da ladieZ!) a few weights on the other side and rim will run true as hell yo!

Mad light!

$550! Text me, dogg!

Scooter :)!

this is a nice scooter from! About ~5 miles an hour. Can put a kit on it to make it fast! My grandma rode it around Wal*Mart for like a hour every weekend. Totally fine. My unlce Darren kinda hit it with his truck (GMC = GAY) LOL! Itss totally good thou!

$3400 plus free basket!

Vintage moped! Great gas milage! 200mpg!1! Needs new weal otherwise perfect! Comes WITH FREE LOCK*!!!!!!!

Metalic piant job!

*Chain needs new lock! but good otherwise!


This bike will do 300 mph when it is reassembled. Needs some new plastic and a little buffing to make paint look gooooood!

Stuntin' 'n ridn'!

Two bikes for the price of one! One is mostly (95%) complete just needs finishing touches. The other would make a nice parts bike then part it out and sell it on ebay and make all of your money back! $3500 CASH ONLY NO TRADES

**********-~<{HARLEY TOUR-GLIDE}>~-*********

look for sell is thisnnice ccondiition harly davdson!!1!!!1 reddy 2 be turned iinto a hot choppper or bober! tuns of acceseries, custom barz and bodywork be the baddest motherfucker on da block!

$17000 --- txt me ne time

Vintage ride! Only surface rust! Frame is STROOONG. Not sure what it is, European? Parts should be readily available and inexpensive. Beautiful patina! Needs tires, small tear in seat. $5000.oo OBO!

Look at that chrome!
Great compression! Rare! $3500

Might consider trade for 2005 or newer SUV.

Already disassembled, ready to be rebuilt. Sweet chopper bars and sissy seat!

Needs battery, some body work- or RIDE AS IS! Classic! $2700

Missing some engine parts.
Bike does not run but is a great project!

Headlight and mirror are perfect and VINTAGE!


UPDATE: found left turnsignal lens and float for a carb!

New price: $2200
Mechanic's special! WoW!!!
Needs paint. Seat could use reupholstery. $4990.00

Hot bike!

Ran when parked, just needs carbs cleaned.
Perfect rubber, low miles.